25. september – Popup Tour of Carlsberg Byen (english)

120,00 kr.145,00 kr.

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Dato: 25. sep 2022 kl. 16:30 - 18:20

Fortæller: Mads Kristian Mikkelsen


A living and ever-developing monument to history or a tasteless marketing-stunt?
The jury is still out on that one, but one thing is clear: the emerging new district of “Carlsberg Byen” (Carlsberg City) is a unique part of Copenhagen. Growing slowly from the old brewery grounds, this district – though nowhere near finished – already houses 10. 000 students at the UCC (University College), a couple of +100 meter towers and – fortunately – still features a lot of the century-old buildings where generations of locals have toiled to make that golden brew.

The old buildings are beautiful, the new ones are . . . well . . . impressive. And the story of the two generations of Brewers, their ambitions, sacrifice and generousity – and childish feuds – is one of the most entertaining the city has to offer.

You will get the full story – and taste the beers that shaped this iconic corporation through the years – including the one that changed beer-brewing forever.

We will end the tour at or near a local pub for an optional regular size taste of something (own expense).

Price: 145 DKK with beer samples / 120,- without.

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